I don't understand people who don't side with the individuals speaking out about the people who have raped them. They use the argument "well where is your evidence to prove he/she did it". That argument can also be used in reverse. Wheres your evidence to prove they didn't do it?
Just because you like that person or the stuff they do, doesn't make them immediately innocent. It may be hard to see that person in a different way to as you view them because of the persona they choose to show you online or through the media, but you have to understand that...
people can still do shitty things regardless of who they are. It may be surprising because of the impression you have of that person but it doesn't make them any less innocent. I am against rape, as every human should be, so I don't see why you wouldn't support the people who...
have had the strength and bravery to come out and talk about it, especially if that person is in a position of power or fame, etc. Until there is evidence to prove the person didn't do it, I'll side with the individuals speaking against the alleged rapist.
False accusations aren't that common. Hope this helps
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