(1 of 9) Here is the “systemic problem” that the BLM and Antifa (and Dementiacrat a-holes) purposely ignore:

Democrats have been in control of nearly every major urban center in America for decades. It’s worth looking at a list:
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•Atlanta has been controlled by Democrats for the past 140 years.
•Democrats, including Nancy Pelosi’s father and eldest brother, have held the mayor’s office in Baltimore for all but eight of the last 89 years.
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•In Chicago, Democrats have been in charge of the nation’s third-largest city exclusively since 1931.
• Detroit has been run continuously by Democrats since 1962, including 39 years of stewardship by African-American mayors between 1974 and 2013.
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•In Los Angeles, 13 of the past 15 mayoral terms have been held by Democrats. Their control of the city began in 1961 and was interrupted by Republican Dick Riordan’s two terms from 1993-2001.
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•Democrats have held control in Philadelphia since 1952.
•City Hall in Seattle was, by design, nonpartisan until 1990 when three-term incumbent Charles Royer left the mayor’s office. The yr before, Seattle was named one of the “best managed cities in the nation.” …
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•… Since then, Democrats have run the city exclusively, including through the recent turmoil and the uproar resulting from the city’s first gay mayor, Ed Murray, resigning after multiple allegations of child sex abuse.
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•Finally, there is New York, where Rudy Giuliani’s two terms as mayor from 1993-2001 followed by Michael Bloomberg’s 12-year tenure as a Democrat-turned-Republican-turned-Independent ….
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•... gives the city some claim to bipartisan management over the last three decades. Even so, Democrats have long had a lock on the City Council and the place was run exclusively by Democrats for the 25 years between 1969 and 1994.
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