Correspondence can be manipulated to sway public opinion.

Remember the leaked Blasey-Ford letter which kicked off the entire Kavanaugh investigation.
(2 men claimed responsibility and said it was consensual; Committee Report, p. 6)
What happened to Dr. Blasey-Ford was clearly real, at least from her perspective.

But it wasn't Brett Kavanaugh in the room with her.

He almost lost his seat on the Supreme Court because of a significant untruth.
Before he was assassinated, the wife of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Coretta Scott King, received an awful letter.
Mrs. King also got a tape recording. She entirety of it was meant to torment her, and him.

The source of that "information" was the FBI.
"From October 22 to November 1, 2018, sixteen packages found to contain pipe bombs were mailed via the U.S. Postal Service to several Democratic Party politicians and other prominent critics of U.S. President Donald Trump."
What do all these incidents have in common?

- Letter
- Envelope
- Manifesto
- Social media rant
"On Sunday evening, Jeff Cohen, a member of Tree of Life synagogue and president of Allegheny General Hospital, described how he heard the gunshots break out on Saturday morning. He also revealed he had spoken to the alleged gunman."
"Mr Cohen said: “The gentleman didn’t appear to be a member of the Mensa society. He listens to the noise, he hears the noise. The noise was telling him his people were being slaughtered. He thought it was time to rise up and do something. He’s completely confused"
Now, you tell me.
The common denominator in many of the divisive incidents we have experienced these past four years is...a communication that can be interpreted -- or misinterpreted.
Now - if you could please take a look at something.
This letter has been provided to us as proof of a scheme to wiretap the President out of Britain.

I am reading an entire book about it, right now ("The Spy Operations On Trump," by Greg Rubini)
3. References MI5 (domestic issues)) not MI6 (foreign issues)

4. That the header is lifted from another, authentic document by Hannigan
The article concludes that the document is fake and that the claim is therefore false, and possibly even disinformation.
The author even blames @POTUS: "Unfortunately for the creators and defenders of the hoax, Trump admitted on April 25, 2019 during a rambling call to...Sean Hannity that he had simply made it up to see what would happen"
I agree with the writer of that article that the letter is a hoax.

However I disagree with the writer that the false letter debunks the story itself.

Rather, I think the false letter adds ANOTHER layer to it - in that the UK was duped in this scheme.
Take a look at these two letters from Hannigan side by side.

The one on the left is authentic (his resignation letter, cited in the debunking article); the one on the right is the hoax.
The authentic letter is a different font (sans serif), maybe Arial, double spaced & with full justification.

The one on the right looks like Palatino Linotype (serif), 1.5 line spacing, left justified.)
All government agencies have some kind of style guide. The authentic UK letter follows the UK style guide. Here is a random letter I found on the internet written in that style.
Now what will we find if we look at the CIA style guide?
1972 letter sample. Left justified. Serif font (not exactly the same as the fake one)
Another sample CIA document. Left justified. Serif font. Can't tell exactly what the spacing is or what the font is, but it has a similar "look" as the fake letter and a very different look from an authentic one.
Here is a third recent CIA document, a strategy, noteworthy because the signature is flush left. You can see the font is totally different.
Here is a late 2017 letter from then-CIA Director Pompeo. Left justified, serif font (this looks like Times New Roman). Looks like 1.5 line spacing.
It doesn't talk about font, spacing, or justification.
The CIA Style Guide tells you not to use periods in abbreviations, for example U.S. would be US. This is very specifically spelled out, and you can see that (what I believe is the hoax) letter echoes this.
Of course, that could be meaningless, since I am not in the intelligence community and do not know if "everyone" just leaves the periods out.
Also, as the "debunking" article pointed out, the letter seems to have a purposeful "scuffed" look -- "It looks like an official scan of a page that was folded and scuffed several times."

This is similar to the Blasey-Ford letter.
See here the "scuffed" Blasey-Ford letter vs. the letter from Sen. Feinstein to the Senate Judiciary Committee.
There is also this phrase: "a clear pattern of actionable leads have accrued" - this sounds like the passive voice, which is a chronic problem in U.S. government writing ("Something happened" instead of "We took action")
"In April 2019, in the days and weeks following the release of a heavily anticipated (and heavily redacted) Special Counsel’s report on interference into the 2016 United States presidential elections,"
"rumors and speculation reinvigorated a March 2017 conspiracy theory that British intelligence spied on the Trump campaign for the Obama administration"
"President Trump provoked a rare public dispute with America’s closest ally on Friday after his White House aired an explosive &unsubstantiated claim that Britain’s spy agency had secretly eavesdropped on him at the behest of President Barack Obama during last year’s campaign."
"Livid British officials adamantly denied the allegation and secured promises from senior White House officials never to repeat it."
"But a defiant Mr. Trump refused to back down, making clear that the White House had nothing to retract or apologize for because his spokesman had simply repeated an assertion made by a Fox News commentator. Fox itself later disavowed the report."
For the record, this is the text from the NYT article (so we don't confuse the Truth or Fiction article with this one)
So from a common sense point of view, this says, to me:

IF SPYING HAPPENED, then someone maybe falsified a letter from the UK equivalent of the CIA, requesting surveillance of Trump et al., relying on the say-so Obama and Rice.

Because where is their signature?
Wouldn't you think that this kind of letter would have a signature from Obama and/or Rice?

Instead it refers to an "attachment" consisting of "a clear collection of actionable leads."
It was removed quickly, notes DFRL:

"According to an archive of the 4chan page, it was placed online at 20:54:49 on June 22, 2017. At 21:13:34, less than nineteen minutes later, another anonymous user replied that it was fake."
But DFRL also notes that Judge Napolitano mentioned the letter back in March of 2017 -- before the letter ever hit 4chan.
"in 2016, when Trump says the surveillance of him took place, Obama needed only to ask the NSA for a transcript"
"if Obama did order the NSA to prepare transcripts of Trump’s conversations last fall under the pretext of national security -- to find out whether Trump was communicating with the Russians would have been a good excuse -- there would exist somewhere a record of such an order."
Obama dislikes bad optics.
"For that reason, if Obama did this, he no doubt used a source on which he’d leave no fingerprints."
Therefore, if the spying did occur, it is logical that Obama would use the UK to do it, without a record of his authorization of this (no signed letter or email) and it is also logical that he would hide behind a FRAUDULENT PIECE OF CORRESPONDENCE.
Even former CIA officer Robert David Steele was quoted as saying: "This letter has been very effectively debunked" 
"We are talking about Russia and Britain working with 6 US Federal agencies!

"Obama...has England spying on a political opponent out of the NSA!"
(Note) "the lengths to which Obama abused the Federal government, the civil service, which is supposed to be nonpartisan."

(Note) "the way in which the news media completely lies in order to destroy Trump."
"You don’t have to love the President to be absolutely floored and outraged by this abuse of power.
If they can do this to him, what can they do to the average person?"
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