@LewisHamilton: Climage change!
TROLLS: Jet, cars, hypocrite!
LH: Takes major steps towards carbon neutrality.
TROLLS: but...your tax! Hypocrite!
LH: Top 5000 tax payer in UK.
TROLLS: Privileged! Donate! Give back! Hypocrite!
LH: Partners with several MORE charities..1/4
TROLLS: Giving is easy! Get involved! Hypocrite!
LH: SOLE activist against racism & lack of diversity in F1
TROLLS: Talk is cheap! Do something about it! Hypocrite!
LH: Launches initiative to encourage diversity within F1...2/4
TROLLS But what about other races (whites). How dare you exclude the existing 99% from this initiative! Hypocrite!
LH: BLM activist.
TROLLS: Easy to tweet from your room. Get involved! Don't see YOU marching! Hypocrite!
LH: Physically protests/marches 2 stand by his words..3/4
TROLLS: Attention seeker! 0.02cm too close to 'that guy', no social distancing! Reckless! Hypocrite!

Can't make this shit up. 4/4
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