In answer to the questions stan groups are asking us today, we have no idea. What we do know is you all made history yesterday & you have a target on your communities right now. There will be every effort made to divide / discredit / dismantle stan groups now. #opDeathEaters
The first step is already evident in your depiction as
1) "American teens". This will be used to pretend a global community is from only the US. They will then appoint US 'leaders', arrest / discredit / co-opt them and declare 'the movement' dead. #opDeathEaters
2) "TikTok teens". This one will be used to call you all 'Chinese spies' or dupes of China.
3) Children of Democrats. This is an attempt to co-opt you to serve endogroups instead of ideas and appeal to the careerists among you. #OpDeathEaters
They will also try to get you to support disastrous missions
and then use your mistake to discredit you. If you don't fall for it, they will set up a "TikTok teen" to do it and blame the entire group. #opDeathEaters
They have no new tricks but they don't need any because the old ones keep working. See the disinfo spread about Anonymous. Read/watch Malcolm X. Read Binding Chaos and The Creation of Me, Them and Us. #DefundTheSpies #opDeathEaters
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