A honest truth but please bear with it ;
I don't care if sidnaazians love Sid more than Sana or vice versa because I least think about that ..
A person adoring shehnaaz is victory for me then idc if he is loving someone more ..
Remember even 1% of love is love
Don't bully them everytime ...You think if you are asking them to leave Sana you are doing great nope you are not you are just Lessing her fans ! Idk what you get in pointing there everything out , they love Sana you know, I know so what are you getting in saying they are biased
They may love Sid more let's agree but then even love Sana maybe less ok but they love her so why you want these fans go who love her even 1% . Why you want to lessen her hype ? If you think only shehnaazians have given her hype sorry bro but you are highly mistaken here !
Shehnaaz Gill has a huge fan base but sidnaaz craze is not less.. not for the bond but the love she receive from this fandom respect that & please stop your personal hatred
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