Just because the City of Portland adopted their budget doesn't mean local budget fights are over.

Multnomah County is scheduled to adopt their budget this Tuesday. This includes a $6.4 million increase to the Sheriff's Office.
Amendments were proposed thanks to mobilizing from Black & Pink Portland

This includes cuts to the DA office, defunding SROs, closing jail dorms, and divestment from Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD)

Watch meeting to discuss amendments here: https://multnomah.granicus.com/player/clip/2073?view_id=3
CALL TO ACTION: We have 24 hours until Mulnomah County votes to adopt the budget.

Call and email County Commissioners TODAY demanding they divest from policing and carceral programs.

You can find our full list of demands here: https://linktr.ee/carenotcopspdx 
If you don't want to email or call, written testimony is also accepted here until 9am TOMORROW. Share our demands in your testimony: https://multco.us/budgetfeedback 
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