THREAD ALERT: I consider them my fathers in the media industry game- While at Radio Waumini where I volunteered, Anthony Wafula connected me to a Rwandan radio that was looking for talent. I had knocked on so many doors in Kenya but I was never succesful. Happy Father's Day Waf🙏🏽
. @albcontact saw what most in the media industry in Kenya-then didn't see in me. In 2008 he gave me a chance at Rwanda's @ContactRW The moment I signed my name on Rwandan airwaves my journey in this game began. Happy father's day🙏
@enyagahene was gracious enough to entrust me and others with the challenge of setting up @TV10Rwanda as part of the inaugural team. TV10 was the first private TV station in Rwanda. Happy Father's Day sir. I appreciate you 🙏
When I wanted to produce my own show, @Ibingira the then ORINFOR Director General gave me and a group of young people a chance to air a show we called @InsyncRwanda. Thank you for believing in me. Through this show, we connected with so many young people. Happy Father's day 🙏🏽
In the parable of the Prodigal Son, the father forgave his son when he returned home. In the same way @aasiimwe took me back at @rbarwanda when I had left for @RoyalTVRwanda. He was behind the success of #InFocusRW; gave me all the support I needed to deliver. Happy fathers Day
@SimonNGicharu I can't thank you enough for the life/career lessons I have learned working for/with you on the @tv47ke project. Thanks for the opportunity you gave me to face my fears & to push myself harder! Under your guidance, I exploited my full potential. Happy Father's Day
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