#MissJuneteeth is already moving me beyond how I could ever imagine. The subtle complexities as each character's experience unfolds. This story hits me close.

I know how it feels to "fail" to get pregnant in undergrad.

To have to return to my hometown in N.C. and have ppl
sneer at me.

To work one summer in the corrugated cardboard factory in hometown. The summer before I returned to UNCG as a reactivated student.

And the things I witnessed.

It was not good.
Hard work meant everything to my parents. They were ashamed of me, but my working in the cardboard factory to them was some kind of triumph they saw in me as a failed single mom who had to drop out of undergrad.

The ppl at the factory,some of them I went to HS school with.
I thought it would be okay.

But it wasnt. Some of them saw me as pretender. They knew I was returning to UNCG.

So they treated me as an interloper.

I asked one brotha if I could sit with him on break. He said he was going to smoke a cigarette and couldn't.

They didn't trust.
I said "okay"

and I just went outside and sat in my car.

I continued the day feeding cardboard into the machine while feeling rejected from so many communities.
And all I wanted to do was support myself.

I had made misguided decisions. I told myself I had to pay the price for playing around my freshman year in college.

I left that job and drove my daughter and I up to Greensboro to get reactivated as returning student.
The campus was
different to me then.
I would not be in Grogan as I was in 1998. But a commuter student living in Burlington, NC where the rent was cheaper on Sharpe Rd.

So as I watch #MissJuneteenth I think about failure, rebirth, and self-definition.
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