Dear Veterans,

It hurts when someone hurts Our Nation & we see it more hurtful when some within & also amongst us ridicule Our Braves & Our Nation

Refinement takes time & toil & so does Infrastructure Development & Capability Enhancements

We have limited resources with 1.3+ Bn
While we all would like Our Military to be better equipped than USA etc, the fact remains we have much more to do to get there; surer & better with all Citizens having better living standards

We often criticize Govt for lower allocation of GDP & question every decision & more
We must keep the debate alive & not stop giving suggestions & even drawing critique but never ridicule Our Nation Our People Our Forces!

We have lagged behind by more than 3 decades in Infrastructure Development in areas adjoining Tibet & have used much resources along Pakistan
We have been unable to utilise funds & that led to a crippling effect for nearly two decades

When we had the money, we had sloppier decision making & times will always test Our Nation as it tries to Surge ahead, as we have competitors galore & some who don't want us to rise too
There is a concerted Cabal of Inimicals who have no identity; while we can identify few but Our Braves can't address them & so onus is on us

We all can gainfully utilise Our Collective Energies & that of Our Youth to indulge in 'Opinion Shaping' on all matters National Interests
Please do more for Our Nation & stop being another cog-in-the-wheel of the Cabal

Stop criticizing prematurely & when time is ripe, endeavour to suggest or show the path in Nation Building & National Security matters too

Our Forces, Youth & Citizens look upon us for much more !
Let's analyze what we have done thus far & what we could better

Endeavour to refine Our Organization to which we owe our self; help refine capabilities, remove Corruption, enhance readiness, build capacities, & share experiences of training & administration so Our Soldiers gain
Time is ticking & Our Nation needs each one of us to contribute in most positive & inspiring ways

Let's think it through & do more and maintain aura of the awe with which Our Citizens look up to us

Refinement & Positivity are the Key

Tweet for India !

Warm regards

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