On #NationalIndigenousDay here's a my top 10 things I've learned for my fellow settlers . Some simple, some not.

1. Settler is not a slur. It's literally what we are. My grandparents settled in Alberta in 1913.
2. Indigenous should always be capitalized
3. Don't use "our Indigenous" or "Canada's Indigenous" That's possessive and not appreciated by many
4. Don't use terms like spirit animal (new agers), tribe, pow wow (marketers) etc
5. Learn about the treaty status & history of your area. Treaty #, unceded etc
6. Understand that Indigenous people are not a monolith. There's a wide range of practices, traditions & politics across the continent
7. Learn how colonialism & rascism causes poverty, water scarcity, incarceration, child apprehension, birth alerts, foster care & on & on.
8. Seek out Indigenous artists, writers, journalists & musicians for insight & truths of living in a colonial state
9. If you do follow Indigenous people here, remember that is not their job to educate or argue with you. Just STFU, listen & learn
10. Be prepared to be uncomfortable. There are many things you will read that will challenge much of what you believe your country to be about.

Acknowledge your racism...it's systemic & most people have been taught & shown how to treat Indigenous people.
That's not your fault, failing to acknowledge it & do something about it is.

There's so much more but that's a start.

(Oh and also don't take offense if you get corrected. That's called learning.)
Bonus study material in hashtag form


Go do the work.
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