Fathers are important, making sons and daughters wiser and more capable. In black America, fatherlessness is disproportionate.

#BLM wants to spread fatherlessness.

Reason suggests we should improve black women's bargaining position instead, so men stick around.
The obvious response is 'Hey wait a minute, #BLM isn't spreading fatherlessness, they are swapping community in for missing fathers'. But that only works where community IS family. It will not work in the U.S. You need STEM to understand why.
Fatherlessness is a result of uneven sex ratios within the black community, which place available men in high demand. Men with options are difficult to pin down. And free black American men are in high demand and behave accordingly. It has nothing to do with being black.
Natural response: 'Ok, but black men are scarce because of disproportionate black crime and incarceration', which is true but not the root cause. No one wants to get shot or go to prison. People risk it when safer opportunities are scarce or nonexistent.
In a racially diverse country, where opportunity concentrates at the economic top, and a dis-empowered minority concentrates at the bottom, a fatherlessness epidemic and a racial-blame narative are all but inevitable. The solution is obvious and it always was: opportunity for all
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