Last night, a white woman drove her Porsche Cayenne through a crowd of peaceful #BlackLivesMatter protestors in Santa Rosa, CA. The Press Democrat ( @NorthBayNews) inaccurately reported this as a "driver trying to get through," but bodycam footage shows it was clearly intentional.
Statement from Evan Wiig, Farmer's Guild: "Shoddy reporting by the Press Democrat. While I’m glad they covered the demonstration (a 100% peaceful, heartfelt gathering) they buried, then underplayed the moment when an angry white woman drove her Porsche through the crowd at...
full speed. We are all lucky to be alive this morning. The PD reporter was there and saw what occurred: how the driver had every opportunity to turn around on the otherwise empty street, how she instead proceeded directly through the peaceful crowd of adults and children alike...
all carrying candles to commemorate those lost to police violence. And yet the reporter gave the driver as many words to explain her side of the story as the 150 people who literally dove to the side to avoid her vehicle, as she claimed that her car was “vandalized” and that she
was “assaulted.” Yes, some kid futilely threw his skateboard at her car while she sped away, but otherwise, this was a woman who decided that a few minutes of inconvenience wasn’t worth human life. Attempted manslaughter, at least.
And exactly what this demonstration was there to confront in the first place: a society where some get aggressively detained or killed by law enforcement for using a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill when others get merely questioned and let go for nearly stealing the lives of whole
families who felt the moral imperative to stand up to the injustice they saw inflicted on others from afar, which last night barreled towards them in a luxury SUV. This woman is a danger to society and should not be waking free this morning. I hope the PD will follow up with
more fair and comprehensive coverage of this incident and that justice be served to keep us all safe."
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