This is a healthy reminder:

Do N O T get distracted by the GOP political M O N S T E R S.

Do N O T trust words.

Watch 👀

The Trump regime always has a dirty agenda.

2016 proved they are DATA wolves.

Stay vigilant as we draw closer to November.

This election is definitely a numbers game 🔢

This is why we must #GOTV 🗳

We need the undecided and the unregistered voters ⚠️

We must also understand this is a game of stealth 🧠

The GOP are hungry & desperate 🐺

We must not drop our guards🛡

Also, here’s more food for thought.

This is a positive.

However, by no means should we get C O M P L A C E N T.

We must keep the pedal to the metal for November.

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