Happy Father's Day from @mothersinsci! As we celebrate the dads in our lives, we would like to share with you more about fathers in academia. Read our thread below!

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A recent US study showed 42% of mothers & 15% of fathers leave full-time #STEM jobs within 3 yrs of having children. After 8 yrs, it's 48% and 18%, respectively. These numbers are alarming for mothers, to say the least. But fathers are leaving too. What’s happening? 1/6
In #STEM culture, fathers face challenges in workplace, e.g. working long hours. Such expectations are incompatible with family life. The *publish or perish* culture also leads to them never really switching off, needing to work during weekends, vacations and parental leave. 2/6
Gender stereotypes work against both women & men. The obsolete model "men are breadwinners & women are primary caregivers” puts different pressures, leading to imbalance in priorities & choices wrt family vs career. How can we achieve a middle ground for #STEM parents? 3/6
To advocate for workplace equality, we need to raise awareness of the challenges faced by #STEM dads. At @mothersinsci, we pledge to start listening to #STEM dads! To learn your experiences & POV, identify obstacles you face, & to start working towards changing systems. 4/6
It’s also crucial to increase the visibility of fathers in #STEM and normalise #parenthood in STEM and academia - dads have to speak up too.

And finally, we really need YOUR support. #Gender inequality is not just a woman’s problem- it affects everyone. 5/6
To the #scimoms out there, please spread the word & reach out to fathers in STEM (maybe your partners?). Tell them about our work & importance of increasing visibility of parents in #STEM & of normalising #parenthood in the workplace. We need everyone’s support! Thank you!! 6/6
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