1.) We are in a spiritual WARFARE! It’s GOOD VS EVIL.. PLEASE don’t take my word for it.. Like Q says do your own research. We are in a crossroads right now.. Are we going to stand up for our freedom or are we going to let the Secret Societies.. The 13 Bloodlines usher in the...
2.) NEW WORLD ORDER! We are literally in the Great Awakening. People are waking up to what’s really going on in this world 🌍. The powers that be have people sell their SOULS for money & fame. Once you “Sell” your soul they own your life. You have to choose between sacrificing
3.) a loved one or you sacrifice the sex of your child! Here comes the TransAgenda. If you want to move up in the cabal & make more money you do rituals.. They put you through mind control. MKultra programming, Monarch programming, sex kitten programming, & others.
4.) There is a underground child sex trafficking ring in Hollywood, the government, & other parts of the world 🌍. What they do to children is absolutely horrifying!! They put these poor little ones through hell. Sodomize, rape, & torture them until they’re frightened..
5.) Get their adrenaline pumping 😭! Then they take the Adrenochrome from their adrenal gland. When they’re done with these poor babies they sacrifice them!! This is a multi billion industry. They will sell them to the highest bidder. Most of the time these precious souls don’t
6.) Make it out alive! I know this is hard to take in & I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Please do your research! Please speak out! Don’t be silent any longer. The thing that scares these elites the most is us UNITING & coming together & all of us waking up!
7.) It’s time we call these demons out! Don’t be afraid to go on their social media accounts & let them know enough is enough!! Make videos! Go live on your accounts & let people know what they’re doing to us & these poor children. Yahweh wins! Good can win!! 🙏 💕
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