This is insane. This happened in Malton today. The police were called because a man was suffering a mental health crisis. So what did the police do? They climbed a ladder, entered the apartment from the balcony and opened fire on the man, shooting him multiple times
I'm told they shot him in the back. Then they hopped in their tactical van and drove off.

The man was a regular in the local masjid, and while he suffered from schizophrenia, he was non-violent. This is unconscionable. #PoliceBrutality
@PeelPolice @BonnieCrombie @patrickbrownont Why did your police forced execute a mentally ill man? Why was a tactical unit sent on a mental health call? Why was it necessary for there to be assault weapons on a mental health call?
FYI, the police line on this was: "We believe that he was a danger to himself".

So you had three officers fire on him with assault rifles from the balcony because he was a danger to *HIMSELF*? What kind of indulgent cruelty is this???
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