Hey #LosAngeles,

It’s Infrastructure Weekend up in this feed.

@MayorOfLA’s still bad at his job, so Twitter is here to save our local economy by checking receipts.

You might have noticed how shit the Metro buses have gotten, and we’re here to explain why—and fix it.
You may have noticed a lot of brand name hotels going up, all downtown.

That’s nice. While we should definitely seize those for housing, let’s just step back a second and look at the cash.

Did you know: you’re paying for those to be built and run for profit? Here’s the bill:
It gets even more “yikes” when you check the receipts.

Thanks to @LAController, we’ve actually got transparency on who’s getting those payments, for once.

Oh man, that guy sure needs our money!
You might have been told they bring jobs. But how are most of those workers getting there?

Why, the @metrolosangeles of course!

But you, like me, may have noticed it’s a little pricier these days. Guess we’ll have to make it up with more minimum wage jobs!
But that’s okay! We’re all making more (we aren’t) so we can afford it (we can’t).

But what? He’s reduced the #publictransport frequency too?

Oof, hope that doesn’t decrease ridership and fuel the #ClimateEmergency!

Oh, piss it did. And look, those waits scared riders away!
Turns out, we now have wait times for transit that’d be considered preposterous anywhere else!

Doesn’t @MayorOfLA know that @UCLA, @reason, @latimes, and @CurbedLA all found that increased wait decreases ridership?

Maybe he just likes Marriott more.
You may be wondering, what does this have to do with #BlackLivesMatter or #peoplesbudgetla?

Well, let’s take a look at which groups he’s chosen to screw, so that mr. Marriott can have some more billions.

Oh no, it’s structural racism. Mr. @MayorOfLA, what’s up with this?
Sigh. Okay. Well, how much would it cost to restore our @metrolosangeles bus frequency to pre- @ericgarcetti levels?

Easy math!
And you’ll notice, it’s a little less than the money we’re spending to subsidize billionaire hotels!
And heck! While we’re on easy math, guess who reversed the math on what we could lower bus passes to?

It’s us, @MayorOfLA! Random citizens who seem like they’d be better at your job than you.
Well, he’s still not returning my voicemails. So we’ll have to be back tomorrow, and talk about how he and the cops are fucking our education.
As always, and feel free to use these as you please. Or block me, whatever. Just put the Soros money in the mail before @MayorOfLA gives it all to Marriott.

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And kids (who’m I kidding, I’m not old enough): please do share with mom and dad. And your teachers. And all over. And just like... tattoo some of this on your foreheads, but go with blue, because orange ink fades fast.
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