I have never been one for any industry events involving excessive (free or sold) amounts of alcohol (most of them) and the reason has always been simple:

I do not feel safe in a space where a majority of the people there are men, a majority of which get drunk. 1/4
I have no doubt this has impacted my career at some level throughout the years. Industry networking at parties is very much a thing.

But no one should have to drink alcohol to pursue career goals. No one should have to risk being assaulted for a potential new contact, job. 2/4
Enough alcohol to get drunk on should NEVER be part of ANY kind of professional event.

Who the hell assesses potential employee suitability based on their behavior when drunk anyway?

It is all so incredibly fucked up. 3/4
An out of control drinking culture is of no benefit to our industry.

It makes networking & industry events unwelcoming for those who don’t/can’t drink

It makes celebratory industry “parties” unsafe.

And it absolutely enables predators.

That needs to be addressed. 4/4
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