Something I’ve been thinking about lately: it’s completely fine to suggest non-drug interventions towards better #mentalhealth . Eating better, going to the gym, yoga, taking a walk, all of these have stood the test of time...BUT [1/5]
We have to question how generalizable this advice is. Take a single parent with 2 kids who is working full time. Can we assume they have time to exercise? The money for a gym membership? The energy to learn yoga? [2/5]
Other non-drug interventions, like seeing a counselor, begs the question: do they have access to childcare? Public transportation? Again, the time, energy, and money to see a professional? [3/5]
Drug-oriented solutions are often demonized in discussions. And prescription medicine no doubt comes with risks. But are we providing as many options as we can in the realm of mental/behavioral health? [4/5]
Final thought: non-drug interventions are fine. Journaling is great. Lifestyle changes are great. But if it were that simple, our nation’s mental health wouldn’t be in its current state, right? [5/5]
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