1) This is my #Qanon thread for June 20, 2020

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My Theme: Durham Is Not the Only Game in Town.
2) Yesterday, the DOJ announced the President's intent to nominate Jay Clayton to be U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. https://twitter.com/TheJusticeDept/status/1274148764769452033
4) Berman issued a statement claiming that because he was appointed by the SDNY court, he could not be removed by the Attorney General. https://twitter.com/SDNYnews/status/1274178732476059650
5) In January of 2018, Jeff Sessions appointed Berman as interim U.S. Attorney for a 6-month term.

3 months later, the judges of the Southern District of New York (under 28 U.S.C. § 546(d)) unanimously appointed him U.S. Attorney for an indefinite period of time.
6) Q listed some important cases under SDNY's jurisdiction, suggesting that Berman is covering for the crimes of powerful people.

The stakes are high, so he's probably being told to resist AG Barr's attempt to replace him.

"Super bowl > puppy show?"
7) It's hard to gauge the loyalties of someone you've never met, but Adam Schiff voiced his support for Berman, which confirms (at least to me) that he's a bad apple. https://twitter.com/RepAdamSchiff/status/1274359162961625090
9) Q has been warning us for 2 years that arrests related to sex trafficking will be coming out of New York (Watch NYC.)

Sex trafficking is one of many topics Berman has likely been standing guard over.
10) Q suggested that 2 NYPD officers were killed (187) after viewing the "insurance files" on Anthony Weiner's laptop.
11) POTUS mentioned one of the NYPD Officers in this speech.
12) Q responded.
13) Today, Q wrote:
Super bowl > puppy show
14) That takes us back to February 20, 2019.

An anon noted that per John Solomon, POTUS would not be criminally charged in the Mueller investigation.
15) Q said we already knew that and it was why Adam Schiff, SDNY, and Maxine Watters were trying to prolong the Mueller investigation.

Then Q wrote:
Will make the Super Bowl look like a puppy show.
17) An anon suspected Q knew before the story broke that Kraft was caught on video surveillance.
18) Q reminded anons of his super bowl reference two days earlier hinting that there were double meanings for the words Super Bowl and Puppy.
19) Q posted a link to the Urban Dictionary definition of "sex puppy."
21) With that background, let's return to today's posts.

An anon noted that the President has the authority to remove U.S. Attorney Berman.
22) This DOJ Office of Legal Counsel opinion affirms the President's authority to remove court-appointed U.S. Attorneys.

Q said the anon was right. POTUS could fire Berman.

Q posted a screencap of a tweet by Mike Pompeo's private account showing his dog off its leash.

Included is a post from June 10th where Q asked if we understood what is about to be "unleashed."
24) And that begs the question:
Why is the Secretary of State accusing the President's former National Security Adviser of being a "traitor?" https://twitter.com/SecPompeo/status/1273789496685969409
25) Pompeo doubled down, tweeting this from his personal account. https://twitter.com/mikepompeo/status/1273803805604425730
26) Being one of the President's most trusted allies, Pompeo was made CIA director before moving to State Department.

Barr served as a member of the CIA advisory board.

He and Pompeo likely collected the information needed to prosecute bad actors in the CIA.
28) Durham is not the only game in town.
There are many other investigations underway that few of us know about.
30) https://twitter.com/ABC/status/1274426525706866691
33) A report from the rally in Tulsa last night.
34) The media will, of course, equate lower than expected turnout at the rally to low enthusiasm from POTUS, but the attendance numbers were due to heightened security requirements.

Social media views of the rally totaled more than 5 million.
35) Insights from Michael Moore about enthusiasm for Trump versus enthusiasm for Biden.
Lockdowns + C (Covid) + Black Lives Matter escalates racial tension, pressures POTUS to use military, kills the economy, gives cover for releasing inmates, justifies vote-by-mail, state bailouts, keep Biden in hidin' and makes it hard to impanel grand juries.
Who benefits most?
37) Q asked us to listen to today's interview between Maria Bartiromo and AG Barr and pay attention to Barr's remarks after the 21:45 mark.
39) @Spaceshot76 noticed a similarity between the President's words last night about violence and Q's explanation of his actions. https://twitter.com/Spaceshot76/status/1274524743325057025
40) Q responded.
41) https://twitter.com/robbystarbuck/status/1274750593274445825
43) Since it has long been known that the elderly are most at risk for contracting influenza and dying from it, how do Governors justify their mandates that nursing homes accept covid positive patients?
44) https://twitter.com/SteveScalise/status/1274829394981388296
46) "Someone can be accused of third-degree murder if they unintentionally cause someone else's death while committing a dangerous act."

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