#parler, a thread. Upon signing up, you’re asked to pick a favourite colour. Somehow, white isn’t an option.
Immediately you’re given a choice of “unbiased” people to follow, including Eric Trump, Team Trump, some Trump supporters and apologists, Rand Paul, and a few rightwing grifters. The list quickly cycles and repeats
On the “discover” page, you’re met with nothing but rightwing propaganda.
As soon as you join you auto-post a message, then you get a recruitment message from Team Trump and a couple of bots.
When you click search, you get the same alt-right grifters and more Team Trump stuff.
The trending hashtags are exactly what you’d expect.
Randomly scrolling is exactly what you’d expect.
In short, #Parler is a rightwing hellhole which will probably further radicalise large numbers of fragile white men into full blown white nationalists.
I’d like to point out that the rightwing responses to this have mostly been “wHiTe iSn’t a coLouR 🤡🤡” and not “Wow, it’s clear to me that Parler is nothing but a cesspit of hard-right propaganda, racism and conspiracy theories, thanks for saving me the trouble of registering”.
Weird how a platform dedicated to free speech selects and presents 5 hashtags on the same subject even though some of them are barely into double digits. 🧐
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