@/stcvenrogcrs is islamophobic so heres a thread (im muslim btw dont come @ me) (shes 22, cishet, white soo)
it all started when.... this offended me bc 1 she spoke over muslims, 2 she has no right to be mad at us?? we're oppressed and made fun of, get called t3rr0rists so we make jokes abt it online, but it did not sit right w this white woman i guess
i replied, i dont rly rmr what i said and my account got suspended so i dont have a screenshot, so bc of that she dmed me apologizing but it was wack as hell, i didnt reply to her bc, again, my acc got suspended before i could open it
now the reason why i found it wack is bc she was still going "://" abt harmless muslim teens having fun on this app..esp didnt sit right bc shes white she doesnt know what oppression is like. a part of my problem was her being uncomfortable w us not just her speaking over us sooo
here it is again. 7s openly supports the us military and has starred in a pro israel movie, our white girl over here has no right to be mad at us for our rightful anger, plus ppl calling him a t3rr0rist were muslim ppl making jokes, like when ppl say "he called me a dyke" and all
umm not this, unprompted.. i mean i appreciate the support but kinda feels white savioury?? its not that bad but after all these it makes me lowk uncomfortable (youll see why)
whats w the hypocrisy? the last tweet is p recent, we used to be in a gc she knows how we feel abt him (me and some other middle eastern/muslim ppl) btw if u dont like a woman who supports a sex offender you hate women guys sorry to break it to you ❤🌏
umm..... i dont think i have to explain this one this ones just straight up weird asf (shes 21 here)
anyway this isnt rly abt cevans so.. moving on. quick reminder that shes a b99 stan
and lastly, what the fuck made her think that she can tweet this 😭😭😭 leave us alone weirdo
overall, she stans a copaganda show, a guy who supports the us military, shes uncomfortable with muslims...for just making harmless jokes..she speaks over muslims, and yk.. the poll... all this at her big age. theres more to it but i dont wanna make this thread any longer. ok bye
not anotha wack ass apology 😭 "i dont hate muslims" omg girl why didnt u tell uss deleting the thread immediately
@/zendcys is her omg go bully
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