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As you know by now, it's being reported that US attorney Berman for SDNY - southern district of New York - is leaving office.

The #FakeNews is running in all directions.

I'm going to set you straight. https://twitter.com/40_head/status/1274194451431215105
2. Attorney General William Barr announced that US attorney Geoffrey Berman is stepping down.

"Finally, I thank Geoffrey Berman, who is stepping down after two-and-a-half years of service as United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York." https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/attorney-general-william-p-barr-nomination-jay-clayton-serve-us-attorney-southern-district
3. However, Berman claims he did NOT resign and had no plans to leave, nor any idea that he was being replaced. He states he found out about the coming changes when AG William Barr's memo that I linked for you above, went out to the public.

Careful who you trust on this story.
4. I have not found a single article yet that accurately headlines and then details the truth about this story. Every #FakeNews outlet says Berman is being replaced by SEC Chairman Jay Clayton. That is a bold faced, purposeful lie meant to establish a false narrative.
6. That is a LIE!

That article does touch on something though. Geoffrey Berman was appointed by SESSIONS, as the "interim" US attorney for SDNY, a temporary 120 day assignment. Berman was NOT APPOINTED BY TRUMP as MANY false reports are saying right now. https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/pr/attorney-general-jeff-sessions-appoints-geoffrey-s-berman-interim-united-states
8. The judges said in their ruling that Berman would hold the position UNLESS a president appointed / Senate approved individual took over BEFORE his 120 day interim position expired. That ruling ended the AG's ability to simply replace Berman with another interim attorney.
9. The court ruled Berman's permanent appointment could only be PREVENTED by a president appointed / Senate confirmed attorney. But, the fake news claims those judges locked Berman in so he cannot be replaced EXCEPT by a president appointed / Senate approved person. That's a lie!
10. I gave you the official, recorded Court Document of those judges' decisions. In it you will see there is nothing whatsoever about how Berman can be replaced. There is nothing whatsoever about a replacement's credentials or requirements. The fake news is lying their asses off.
11. The issue the court was confronting was, they didn't want more interim US attorneys to come and go. But, this ruling raised a LOT of red flags for me. Most of the judges in the SDNY area at that time were Obama/W Bush/Clinton era appointed judges. Why were they pro-Berman?
12. A person has to really ask why more judges haven't used this subsection to lock their own interim US attorneys into permanent positions? It's a rarely-used section. The use of it is so seldom, many scholars and legal reporters actually had to look the section up to verify it.
13. There's a whole additional thread that could and probably should be written about why Obama, Clinton and Bush era judges wanted Berman to remain as their US attorney. But, this thread is to show you the truth about Berman being replaced and the lies being told about it.
14. Let's go back to Barr's press release. He started out saying SEC chairman Jay Clayton had been appointed by Trump and would soon be entering the Senate confirmation process to become the new US attorney for SDNY. The next section is what you REALLY need to pay attention to.
15. Remember the narrative the media has set: "AG Barr announced Friday night that the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York...was resigning from his post and being replaced by an acting U.S. Attorney who has never been a prosecutor."

That's the lie you were told.
16. "...the President has appointed Craig Carpenito...(the US Attorney for New Jersey)...to serve as the ACTING US Attorney for the SDNY, while the Senate is considering Jay Clayton’s nomination. This appointment will be effective July 3..." https://www.justice.gov/usao-sdny/pr/attorney-general-jeff-sessions-appoints-geoffrey-s-berman-interim-united-states
17. Do you understand what I'm showing you? Jay Clayton will NOT be replacing Berman.

CRAIG CARPENITO will be replacing Geoffrey Berman.

Jay Clayton will be replacing Craig Carpenito once Clayton has been Senate confirmed.

So, who is Carpenito? https://www.justice.gov/usao-nj/pr/attorney-general-jeff-sessions-appoints-craig-carpenito-interim-united-states-attorney
18. Craig Carpenito is the US attorney for the District of New Jersey! He is a tried-and-true prosecutor who has brought dozens of cases to court. He's a judge appointed US attorney. The media is not telling you about him! Why?

Why don't they want to tell you the truth?
19. Carpenito is very similar to Berman. He too was appointed by AG Sessions in January 2018 as an interim US attorney, but for New Jersey. He, like Berman, was also confirmed by the federal judges in his district to become the permanent US attorney. https://www.justice.gov/usao-nj/pr/statement-us-attorney-craig-carpenito-appointment-us-district-court
20. The media can't argue against Carpenito. He has nearly the same background as Berman, appointed as an interim by an AG, permanently appointment by federal judges.

But Carpenito is actually MORE qualified now. Why? Because he's now been presidentially appointed to the office!
21. That's exactly why the media really isn't mentioning Craig Carpenito at all. Any slander or propaganda or narrative they try to set about Berman being removed unfaitly has to have some sort of "less than" bias to it. An equal won't give them their necessary comparison.
22. The truly interesting part of this is Berman has spoken out. He's refusing to step down from his position until a president appointed and Senate confirmed individual takes the office from him and he's citing that Court ruling that I provided to you as his leg to stand on.
23. But, as you can see by that Court decision, Geoffrey Berman does not have the right to demand such a thing, neither would he be correct in assuming that ruling gave him that authority in the 1st place.

This is the number one reason why I wrote this thread.
24. So, as your friends and neighbors try to find their way through this ridiculous game that the fake news and Berman is playing, you now have the sauce to confront their confusion and set them straight. This is what we're about folks, finding the truth and nailing it down.
25. Trump does not move players around the board without a purpose. If he is pulling someone out of a position or putting someone into a position or reallocating resources, he's always got a reason behind it. Any attempts at guessing with bias conjecture may be a waste of time.
26. But no matter what, we should be taking notes. Eventually a move here or a move there will confirm a suspicion or, rule one out. Thanks for reading and I hope this was valuable to you.


God bless,


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