Green Party members on here, please remember that the Occupied Territories Bill is about a people’s right to control the land they live in. It would be tragically ironic if the excuse for shafting it was the chance to stop fracked LNG imports.
That doesn’t have to be done this way. Don’t cave in. There are other ways. We can and we will stop LNG imports without helping to erase Palestine, ultimately for largely the same vested interests pushing LNG at Shannon.
The right and duty of an independent state to support the right of a people to control the land they live in, by refusing to trade with the illegal occupiers of that land, is inalienable except by malice.
It’s a minimal measure and it’s basic - don’t reward violent theft and occupation of land with trade. It’s like handling stolen goods, only on an ethnic cleansing scale.
Dropping the Occupied Territories Bill from the Programme for Government would see Ireland complicit in the erasure of a people, the Palestinians, and consigning them communally and generationally to eternal no-state or refugee status.
Please vote against the FGFFG PfG on the basis that it normalises a horrific ongoing immorality irreversibly by fueling illegal settlements in occupied land - a war crime under the Geneva Convention. It’s inexcusable.
I feel a moral duty to state that here.
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