Because I think you people have forgotten: a thread.
#JusticeForBreonnaTaylor her killers still haven’t been arrested, if you want to email or contact the Attorney General, here’s the link
Back to some UK ones
Lakeith Smith was charged with the murder of his friend A’Donte Washington, when he was 15, a crime he didn’t commit. The police officer who actually shot A’Donte walks free. #justiceforlakeithsmith #justiceforadontewashington 
Some you might not have heard of:
Siyanda was racially abused and beaten, and instead of being protected by the police, she was sentenced to 4 and 1/2 years in prison for defending herself. #freesiyanda 
Amiya Braxton was killed in October 2016 after being hit by a car coming off the school bus. The state attorney have not taken the case seriously, and almost 4 years later there is no justice. #justiceforamiyabraxton 
Now some petitions to help people in ICE detention centres:
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