I love social media. Just when you think you've heard or seen it all - BAM. You are surprised again. Today i was asked why a white guy gives a fuck about some black holiday. It's not like me as a white guy has any vested interest.
So why do I care? The easy answer is because it's part of our history. Something I was never taught in school. Nor was i taught about Tulsa/Greenwood. Or Rosewood, Florida. Or hundreds of other events. I never learned our police today came from slave patrols. I love history.
The real reason I give a fuck is because i have friends who are black. I hate saying that. Do you talk about your blonde friends? I worry for the teen son of a friend as he gets his drivers license. My folks didnt need to teach me about where to place my hands if i got stopped.
Or when I go to dinner with another friend and the hostess/bartender/waitor showers me with attention and ignores my friend. News flash. I'm on disability and he makes 6 figures. By all means ignore him.
Or when i have several couples over for an afternoon of grilling and catching up and the next day a god fearing neighbor asks me if I plan on having those people over often. Nobody says that about my blonde friends. I'm a lucky guy. My friends are all over the board.
Every shade of skin tone
Str8, gay, lesbian, bi, trans
Women & men
Young & older
Healthy & ill
Rich & poor
Educated & not educated
But they all share 1 thing. They are my friends. My family of choice. I love them. I have their backs. So yeah. I care about #JuneteenthDay
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