Here's how I got my PhD funded and you can too! A #Tweetorial on NIH Diversity Supplements for the advisor/PI and the candidate. #FridayFunding #PhdLife #GradLife #EpiTwitter #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #BlackEpiMatters #BlackInSTEM (1/n)
The gist?!
You (PI and Candidate) write a grant to supplement an existing, eligible, parent award. The grant should (1) propose research that is a part of the ongoing research of the parent award and, (2) discuss research career development of the candidate (2/n)
If you have a trainee from an underrepresented group, you should:
(1) apply for NIH diversity supplement funding to help fund their education! (2) have an active and eligible grant or cooperative agreement from a participating government funding agency... (3/n)
(3) have at least 2 years of funding remaining, (4) apply for funding to cover the student for as many years that are left on the parent award. (4/n)
If you are from an underrepresented group, you should:
(1) ask your advisor/PI to apply for diversity supplement funding to fund your education ASAP! Deadlines are fast! (2) be a Grad/Pre-doctoral or Postdoc (Highschool and Undergrad also eligible)... (5/n)
(3) be from an underrepresented group (see the eligibility) (4) assist your advisor/PI in developing a research plan, mentoring plan, and writing the grant (6/n)
Major keys!
Check out details and instructions here:
Talk to your Program Officer, PI. Application deadlines vary! Some are on a rolling basis (but submission is usually 3 months before the start of the award), and some are due in May. (7/n)
You (the candidate) get grant writing experience early on, can get your education funding, flesh out a plan/trajectory for your academic career, obtain focused research experience, and complete some of your first publications. (8/n)
You (the advisor) get to add another grant award win on your CV (yay!), mentor an awesome, smart, and capable student that is eager to learn, and guide research leading to publication. (9/9)
A special thank you to @AprilCarsonPhD for telling me to ask my advisor about an NIH Diversity Supplement the moment she learned I was accepted to @UNCpublichealth. Thank you to my advisor for kicking me into gear early as we wrote my grant in 3 weeks securing 3 years of funding!
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