Seven provincial independent investigation units currently look into incidents involving police. Out of the 167 members involved in these units, 111 are former officers or have had a working relationship with police, and 118 of them are men. Twenty are people of colour.
In BC, Independent Investigations Office is responsible for conducting investigations into officer-related incidents resulting in death or serious harm

50% of IIO investigators are police officers and BC NDP recently made it *easier* for former police officers in BC to join IIO.
Canada-wide, there are supposed to be 167 INDEPENDENT & CIVILIAN investigative officers looking into police violence & misconduct.

Right now, 111 of those 167 are former officers or had working relationship w/ police.

That means 66% of investigators are, arguably, biased.
What is point of independent, civilian police oversight, unless it is actually independent?

Families already express frustration about delays in oversight bodies, lack of binding recommendations etc, & now to know majority of ppl investigating police are themselves former cops!
Police are *powerful* institution of state violence. This news adds to what we know - how impossible it is to meaningfully hold them accountable

Sure, more (actual) civilian oversight, but focus on real solutions: Minimize scale & scope of policing by DEFUNDING & ABOLISHING them
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