The Illuminati Families and it's Assets

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Some of the info contained in this thread can be substantiated as fact and some can
(1) Some of the info is compounded by connecting the dots of funding, agendas, motives and research....

But they all have some common bonds...... So let me start with a familiar face.

The 13 Illuminati Families, George Soros
and Murder.
(3) The 13th Illuminati Bloodline is the one we know as the Merovingian Bloodline.

So named not because of a Surname of Merovingian, but because this bloodline is a combination of the other bloodlines mixed together and interbreeding that creates greater powers. (Their belief)
(4) To better understand the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines, let's see a list of their names and some very prominent people connected with each bloodline.

This is only a brief partial list as to how the Illuminati are connected in this thread.

13 Illuminati bloodlines;

The Astor Bloodline. - Bill & Hilary Clinton,

The Bundy Bloodline. - GHW Bush, GW Bush Jr. - Joe McCarthy

The Collins Bloodline. - Henry Kissinger (mk Ultra master handler of Sarah Palin)

The DuPont Bloodline. - John Edwards,

The Freeman Bloodline. - Gabrielle Gifford, Daniel Gifford,
>>> John Wheeler, (mk Ultra handler of Jared Loughner) MITRE, Raytheon

>>> Cisco Wheeler- Project Monarch CIA, mk Ultra,
The Kennedy Bloodline. - JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Ted Kennedy

The Li Bloodline. - Chinese Secret Society

The Reynolds bloodline.

The Onassis Bloodline. - John Foster Dulles, Jackie Onassis (wife of JFK)

The Rockefeller Bloodline.

The Rothschild Bloodline.

The Russell Bloodline.

The Van Duyn Bloodline. - Dutch-Belgium Society - Kellogg Foundation

The Merovingian Bloodline. - Adolf Hitler, George Soros

The Disney Bloodline. (added later)

The Krupp bloodline. (added later)

The McDonald bloodline. (added later)
(9) As you can see, there are more than 13 listed. However this list has been expanded through the ages but still has kept the satanic symbol of 13.

Most notably, the one we will be discussing most today is the Merovingian.
(10) Quite a few of those names on that list have been murdered for one reason or another.

And even some Illuminati have dropped their veil of secrecy and denounced their oaths
to the Illuminati even though they have Illuminati blood in their veins.
(11) JFK was one such example.

When JFK started working outside of the Illuminati agenda, he met his demise. The same goes for Illuminati bloodlines today. Those who are in the order and do not follow the agenda are met with harsh consequences....
(12) The Freeman Bloodline

Please note the Freeman bloodline above. Daniel and Gabrielle Gifford are a part of the Freeman bloodline. However, Gabrielle was working on agendas outside of the Soros agenda.

One of those was Solar Power.
(13) The other was Gun Rights. Soros does not want the world to have free energy, he wants
to control it to make money.

He also does not want you to have guns as the slave may overtake the master.
(14) So how does George Soros get placed into the Illuminati bloodline?

By unofficial adoption of him by the Rothschild bloodline when he moved to London after WW2. He was taken in and enlightened into the Illuminati therefore making him show up
(15) in the mixed class of Illuminati called the Merovingian.

Soros did not marry into the Illuminati and he does not have true Illuminati blood in his veins.

But Soros did grow up in the Illuminati and serve as a Lt. for the Rothschild's Bloodline until
(16) around - 1992 when he bit the hand that trained and fed him, Soros crashed the Bank of England. This was the first volley in the official war between Soros and the Illuminati Bloodlines.

The Gifford Threat
(17) Why would Gifford be a threat to Soros?

HR 3585 that Gabrielle Gifford sponsored in congress.

This bill is known as the Solar Technology Road map Act and has scientific evidence showing that
(18) Solar Power is cheaper to make and costs less to maintain and a facility can be built in a year whereas it takes 10-15 yrs to set up a nuclear facility.

How does this hurt Soros? Soros had invested millions-purchasing shares in Duke Energy and Progress
(19) Energy and owns 361,000 shares of Progress and 371,000 shares of Duke.

To make matters worse, letter was sent to the Gov. of NC Beverly Perdue showing her that Solar Power was the better way to go.

Not to mention that 75% of Fed Gov funding for R&D of
(20) the Nuclear Program would now be diverted to R&D Solar research per HR 3585 instead of nuclear research.

Soros had millions tied up in nuclear energy and had just lost a very important co-funding source for his investment.
(21) This is motive for Soros.

Gifford was continuing her fight for Solar Energy up till she was shot in Tucson. Gifford is also Pro-Gun and Soros was supporting a Gun Ban through the UN.

The Scapegoat: Sarah Palin
(24) His possible role as a master handler for the Illuminati and maybe even for Jared Loughner and his role as an operative for the CIA for the Raytheon Corp. on loan to the MITRE Corp as an adviser.

How does Soros connect to Wheeler?
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