Just talked to a source at DC MPD:

“Atlanta showed us that we can get executed for following our training. Why would we risk that? We aren’t doing shit.”

Why would LEO do anything right now?

The State will literally execute them for doing what they are trained to do.

Imagine doing exactly what you’re trained to do. You’re protecting America. You’re helping your fellow citizens.

A guy attacks you. Steals your weapon. Your training kicks in. Your self preservation kicks in. You save your life and then try to save his.

Then you get executed.
A simple traffic stop could turn into the prelude to your execution.

Your wife becomes a widow. Your kids become fatherless. And your society abandons them after you’re executed by the same people you swore to protect.

This is horrifying.

We are headed towards hell.
The situation is dire.

If Atlanta executes this officer, we will have no police.

If Atlanta doesn’t execute this officer, we will have nationwide riots ten x what’s happening now.

Find out when verdict day is for this case and go far far away.

Go be safe. And pray.
Everyone is complicit.

BLM shakes down the corporations, they donate billions and signal boost the network, the government acquiesces, the government ignores corporate monopolies, and now police are in existential danger....

Which means we all are.

Our societal guardrails have been systemically removed.

Christianity is on the decline.

Believing in God is shamed.

Masculine power is under attack and demonized.

National guilt smothers our will to fight.

Our monuments are destroyed.

Our history attacked.

We are WEAK
Our government aids and encourages the corporations who fund BLM and boost their propaganda.

Our elected officials and deep state allow corps to achieve monopoly power not over just markets, but our brains, our souls, our reality.

& now they fund the revolution.

WE are alone.
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