twice members as loona solos !!
ーa decently long thread

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my basis on these are voice and charm similarity with the og loona girly's and compatibility with concept and song

gave each member 2 each :]
nayeon with heart attackー

i think nayeon, as twices center and one of twices 9 aces, does the cutesy concept really well. also nayeon as chuu and jeongyeon as yves in the mv ofc 😌
nayeon with love cherry motionー

she can carry both cutesy and shmexy at the same time so i figured lcm would suit her. i also wanted to KILL those runs choerry does by the end of the song
jeongyeon with egoist ft minaー

i would LOVE to see jeongyeon kill that routine!! also i think jeongyeons voice just suits egoist while adding some more power to an already great song!! i also chose mina to do the english ver of the rap bc of minas lines in make me go
jeongyeon with everyday i love you ft mc railー

i could just imagine jeongyeon enjoying herself and having fun doing the dance bdnsjdg also the adlibs on the last chorus PLEASE
momo with vividー

based from her voice on swing baby from 15+1 i think she can do really well with vivid's need for a deep sassy jazzy voice :>
momo with egoist ft chaeyoungー

chose this for momo bc like vivid her 15+1 voice could really shine on egoist, shutting antis' asses up. also the dancebreak would be such a serve omfg
sana with kiss laterー

wbk her voice is really cute and with the success of shyshyshy she can for sure make kiseuneun daeume a hit like yeojin! tho w/in a smaller scale, yeojin still managed to make it popular b/n orbits & loona themselves. stream kiss later!!
sana with eclipseー

both lip and sana have naturally high pitched singing voices, and in contrast with kiss later, eclipse is more alluring and shmexy which sana can absolutely slay
jihyo with newー

a vocal performance with daring choreography is what god jihyo deserves and we know- wE KNOW she will do amazing at it [email protected]
jihyo with heart attackー

vocals period!!!! we can also get jihyo rapping with heart attack so winwin if i do say so myself😌 jihyo bi queen
mina with let me inー

let me in was filmed in iceland. whats in iceland? ice! whats ice? cOLD! now what likes the cold? PENGUINS. period

also i think mina can definitely deliver vocally! it would be a really cool addition too if she did her own ballet routine to it :]
mina with one and onlyー

minas voice is nowhere as crunchy, i know😔 but it will do. besides!! well get rapping mina!! on stage performances i can see her enjoying herself too and wHO DOESNT WANT THAT
dahyun with love cherry motionー

we just need more of dahyuns soft vocals man. also dahyun duality queen hello????
dahyun with one and onlyー

soft vocals. soft rap. creepy doll like visuals. camera spotting abilities. and BLACK HAIRED DAHYUN
chaeyoung with around youー

an entire 10 miute long music video of only chaeyoung? starting the mv with her singing it live?? yes please!! and to think the cat (which is apparently gowon) gave hyunjin the bracelet in the mv = a dubchaeng or michaeng crumb 🥺
chaeyoung with singing in the rainー

voice👏🏻 flow👏🏻 dance👏🏻 she has it all and she can give it to us!!!! also we'll probably get to see chaeyoungs tattoos if this ever happens :]]]]
tzuyu with around youー

queen will be serving us vocals, face, and acting. what more can you want???? also i just thought tzuyu, who looks a bit like hyunjin, doing hyunjins solo would be really cool and cute
tzuyu with everyday i love you ft momoー

like jeongyeon, i just really want to see tzuyu enjoying herself with the dance. but also pink haired tzuyu in dungarees please 🙏🏻🙏🏻
end of thread! stan twice and loona uwu

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