Riga FC (Dundalk’s opponents last year) have been visited by the tax inspector.

The SRS (State Revenue Service)
has found ‘envelope salaries’ at
Virslīga club - FK Ventspils.

The LFF (Latvian FA) have recently
had problems of their own with the SRS.

(Link to articles below) https://twitter.com/rigafc_official/status/1273574396217737216
On the pitch some issues as well....

I’m interested to see if UEFA will allow
any team caught & charged with
avoiding tax into UEFA competitions.

Also interested if “envelope salaries”
that are found - have a cross over with
manipulating game results.

https://twitter.com/lv_footballnews/status/1273945658408476674?s=21 https://twitter.com/lv_footballnews/status/1273945658408476674
In the Sunday Times last year:

Somehow JD managed to bring himself into this thread about Latvia.

‘UEFA Executive Committee member’
visiting another FA that ended up in a similar situation to his own FA.

Well done UEFA.....
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