Step 1: find out which restaurant
Step 2: go to restaurant and ask to view cctv footages in P’Mew style like “oh i lost my ring here last June 19 2020 pls it’s very important”
Step 3: see cctv and look for mewgulf i mean mew and boom
For starters there’s a 7 eleven outside... and idk what cuisine are they eating... maybe ask if anyone’s familiar with those people at the back?
Maybe zoom in to that staff in black and see the logo on her shirt

#TheWaanjaiResearchProject (Ps, keep trending P’Mew’s KFC hashtag pls. It’s thai so I can’t type it hehe)

1. The restaurant is opposite 7 Eleven.
2. They are eating this. Need to confirm which cuisine. I think it’s Thai. Not sure though.
3. The staff uniform’s logo is round and yellow/gold ish
4. It’s a small alley. 2-car lane? Ish?
5. Our primary witness
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