1. Our President is dysfunctional & increasingly a threat to the fabric of our society. But this tweet has angered me more than most. My blood is boiling. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1273972301156016130
2. I have been to Tulsa Oklahoma many times now as part of my work with George Kaiser Family Foundation. The people I have met with & work with their are on the front lines of fighting for racial & economic justice & building a more inclusive city & society.
3. Literally upon my first visit to the city, the first place I was taken was to Greenwood, to the original Black Wall Street, to the site of the race massacre.
4. I have seen first hand with my own eyes how so many people in Tulsa care deeply about coming to grips with this country's long legacy of racial injustice.
5. My blood boils in a way it seldom has at what our President is doing to that city.
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