There's a new game on Twatter...
You think you're retweeting somebody's tweet, But if you go to your page you will notice it's not there most of the time.
Therefore when you see something you want to retweet, click on the profile pic of the Tweetter, and go to their page.
It will highlight the box just like it's done.
They lie.
That's why I keep saying come to my profile.
It's not just my profile It's your profile too.
You might retweet your own tweet, or so you think.
Go to your profile and verify if it's there.
Most likely not.
Why do we take the extra step?
Because we're Warriors.
They also don't let your comments go through did you notice that.
When you see that blue line go across real fast at the top...
You're going to find all of that stuff in a place called drafts.
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