For anybody unsure as to how they will vote on coalition I understand the pressure is being put on that

“the alternative is way worse”

We don’t know what the alternative is.

I contend that the alternative could be way better.

The Q is whether this pfg is good enough?/1
Can you say increased homelessness is ok as there is an increased cycling budget?

Can you say that continued intensification of agriculture is ok as we will get a review on the NPWS?

Can you say that continued crisis in mental health is ok as long as we’re at the table?/2
I’ve been told that I mustn’t understand the urgency of climate breakdown but that’s pure rot.

I can’t breathe properly when I think about it but I have no interest fighting for a world where those with safe homes and communities cycle past tent cities on their way to work.
I’ve no interest in fighting for a situation where we have only a few massive dairy farms but no wild land and no access to local food for everyone

I’ve no interest in fighting for renewables that are privately owned and where the workers have no collective bargaining rights/4
Instead of thinking that the alternative will be way worse I think we need to imagine that the alternative can be way better.

Climate Justice is the only way we will tackle climate breakdown.

Please vote no to this government 🙏/5
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