People are fucking sick. Monsters. Scum. Human waste. They deserve to burn in Hell. Piece by piece. So the fuckers feel every millimeter of their body slowly melting away.....
I'm fucking pissed
Dno ljudskog dna.
Okay so where do I start.

This monster called Jutka Jelicic is a pedophile and a rapist, and he's also a mayor of a small town in Serbia.

He's raped more than a few dozen women, most of which were underage. He's also sexually harassed an even higher number of them (groping, 1/?
Sexual harassment via text, etc).

He has quite literally bought women and young girls of that town to rape them. If their parents complained he'd just kidnap them.

He's used his connections to improve certain high school girls' grades to take her away and rape her afterward 2/?
15 women had spoken up about this at the beginning. However.

He also has a strong connection with the mafia. So he used them to have the mafia knock on those women's families doors and silence them.

So only one is left now.

This man ran away after being charged. 3/?
The kidnapping and rape got so bad that the mothers of the girls he preyed on literally begged him to rape them instead of their daughters.

Can you imagine that? They're so helpless that they're literally offering to be RAPED INSTEAD OF THEIR DAUGHTERS? HELLO???????????

Since then, there appeared a groupd of people (men), who started cheering for that man and claiming HE has been wronged.

They called the women who'd spoken up about him whores and liars. In reality, they just wish THEY were Jutka.

"Justice for Jutka" on their t-shirts.

I'm literally shaking & crying while typing this. But it needs to be out there. This can't stay hidden anymore.

And worst of all, i grew up in this country.

Yall think rape, misogyny, sexual harassment jokes are funny?

Is this funny to you? This is ouR REALITY.

Fuck you. 6/6
Unfortunately most sources for pedophilia are purely in Serbian.

I've only found a few sources for Marija Lukic (the only woman that's still actively opposing Jutka).
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