Dear Ex-Foreign Secy, your remark on the Indo-China face-off in Galwan earlier this week, is a clear indication of India engaging China in a war. Hope you’ve thought of the ramifications of using weapons on LAC. Are you misleading others to an armed conflict & warmongering?(1/9)
For someone who mishandled the Agra Summit of 2001 and consistently supported China during her posting to Beijing, now boasts of her new role as a musician! What’s your say on this? (2/9)
Both the ‘96 & ‘05 protocols between India & China are to devise confidence building measures to ensure peace in the LAC. As an IFS did you even read those or are they just a part of your political mandate to enter the RS? (3/9)
Towards the fag end of your career, you were the Indian ambassador to China. Why did you target young IFS officer trainees who didn’t agree with you? (4/9)
You’ve got expertise in Sino-Tibet relations. During your insipid Beijing tenure, innocent Tibetans were targeted & tortured but you sided with your comrades in the Chinese capital. Why?(5/9)
Like most other Indian ambassadors to China, you have suffered from ‘localitis’ (preferring Chinese over Indian). What’s your take on that? (6/9)
You were posted as the Indian ambassador to China during the Beijing Olympics. We remember how you looked after Sonia Gandhi and the diplomatic awards that followed. Any comments on that? (7/9)
Did your close links with Dr. Dana Schuppert (who ran the 21st Century China-India Cultural Exchange Centre in Beijing) assist in your IAS husband’s frequent air travel to Beijing? Sad to know about her passing away. (8/9)
In 2008, during your stint as the Indian ambassador to China, you were summoned by their authorities to discuss the Tibet issue at 2 AM. Did something similar happen with other Indian ambassadors to China? Perhaps you can stop advising us what to do! (9/9)
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