Well it’s Friday again guys & this weeks thread I bring to you is...

Ben & Lexi ❤️👨‍👧

Let’s be honest Ben drives us all crazy at times but Lexi brings out the softer side to his character & we love to see it so here in 1 thread are those gorgeous moments... #Ballum #EastEnders
2. Ben offering to make Phil some food he’d learnt whilst in Portugal.

“full of surprises, aren’t I darling” giving Lexi a cut nose tug🥺

To be fair tho Ben, you may be full of surprises, but the cooking prowess didn’t continue when u made pasta at Xmas did it 🤣🤣🤣
3. Loving the look on Lexis face here... proper “daddy, your trying to be cute but get off my face” proper Ben style 🙄 right there 🤣
4. “Is daddy the king?” No, “why not?” “Cos you don’t have a castle”

Lexi telling it as it is... we stan queen Lexi!!
5. Who doesn’t want to see Ben and Jay having a business conversation wearing decorated paper hats... I never knew I needed that in my life!

Highlight tho is Lexi telling Ben off for taking it off “Dad, I ain’t gonna tell you again” 🤣🤣 LOVE HER
6. Having been told by Phil about Louises pregnancy and Ben decides to have a chat with her with Lexi at the swings. Ben in typical Ben mode tho, showing his latest hookup to Louise in front of Lexi “she don’t mind her dad making knew friends” 🤦🏻‍♀️
7. This super soft moment when Lexi tells Ben she doesn’t want to go back to Newcastle and that Lola has told her to keep it a secret... his face at the end 🥺
8. “Do you know Penguins are Oviparous”

“Ovi what?”

“It means they have babies by laying eggs. It’s a big word Daddy I know you won’t understand” 🤣🤣🤣

Lexi proper owning Ben there is such a mood 👌🏻
9. Typical Ben in his manipulative mood managed to get Jay and Ruby to break up all to get Lola to stay...

“Mummy thinks we’re stupid”

Nice little look between Ben & Lexi there 🤣
10. “As if I’d ever let my princess go, that will never happen”

The moment Ben knows that his plan to keep Lola and Lexi there has well and truly worked, even came prepared with the champers, such a Ben moment 🤣🤣
11. “Hey, you can be anything you want to be. Don’t let anyone tell you differently, ok young lady.”

Wise words from our dear Ben there, sometimes I really wish he would listen to his own words!!
12.Lexi wants to dress up as a bee so after having searched out pipe cleaners from Sharon dad duties ensue & Ben makes Lexi the costume.

During the time with Sharon Ben found out that Phil had taken him out of the will AGAIN... then telling lola he would never do that to lexi 🥺
13. Whilst Ben & Jay are sharing many a tense word over all the issues Ben has with Phil after his attack. Lola is worried so uses Lexi as a way to make Ben see sense...the conversation works & makes Ben see that there are people who care and maybe it isn’t worth ruining that!
14. The morning after the stag do, Ben is in no way wanting to go to the wedding but Lexi dressed in her best princess dress is eager to go...

Cue lexi seeing Callums text “you ain’t invited today” and quickly deleting it, with a glance at Ben! She’s definately Bens daughter 🤣
15. Ben & Callums cute little date arranging is interrupted by Lola and Lexi. Lexi asks when Ben is coming home as he is obviously staying at Phil’s still after the shooting. The cute little head kiss is 🥺
16. Typical Ben doing business with Lexi pointing out she needs to get to school 🤦🏻‍♀️ but in walks Callum who is greeted by a super cute hug from Lexi 🥺

“Dad can we get a puppy?”

“Well the thing about dogs baby, is that they eat little sausages”

Honestly my heart 😭
17. Who doesn’t love this scene? If u don’t u clearly don’t have a ❤️🤣

Lexi dancing to Secret Potion by Little Mix to which Ben demonstrates his hip action, god love him&his moves 😁

Cue Callum “If I had ovaries they’d be melting” do you know what, Callum Highway...I love u 🤣
18. Come on, what did we do to deserve this gem of a moment 😅

Ben dressed up as a princess is more than we could ever want 🤣 Lola sums it up perfectly “awwww you look so pretty” my sentiments exactly 👸🏻
19. Ben in his usual self sabotage mode & is doing his dodgy deals on the side everyone is worrying so Kathy and Lola plot to get Ben to see what’s important.

Booking a family trip is Lolas plan so cue Lexi coming down stairs in what she couldn’t pack 🤣 Brighton it is then 😅
20. Jay isn’t comfortable with Lola entering Lexi into a beauty pageant, so enlists Bens help to get her to see sense, shame for Jay that Ben already knows and is all for the idea.

“That’s the face of 2019 right there. You don’t get out of bed for less than a bag of crisps” 🤣
21. Family outing to the Walford Winter Wonderland gives us this super cute scene... you know, the one we all so desperately wanted before the shit show of Xmas 😭

Who knew we would end up with Ben in elf ears what more could we ask for 🤣
22. Ben opening his Christmas present to from Callum. Kathy asking why they’d split up to which bens response of “that’s life innit and anyway I’ve got everyone I want right here”

“He’ll come back if you ask him” wise words Lexi... if only Ben had listened 😭
23. “To be a princess you need to be brave, that means doing what you want even if people tease you. The bravest person who ever lived was a little boy who loved to dance like a princess. I wish I could’ve danced with him, but I wasn’t born yet. DADDY this is for you” 😭❤️
24. Who doesn’t want to see a scene where Ben was being adorable with little Peggy, as well as being cute with Lexi, I think all our hearts melted into a huge puddle at this exact moment 🥺

Let’s just not mention that HIDEOUS shirt, la la la la la, nothing to see here 🤣
25. Us all rejoicing that Callum ditched Simple Simon & stumbled upon this gorgeous exchange between Ben&Lexi 🥺

“You always look sad at the moment Dad”

“I’m fine, dont worry about me”

“I got this for being good, you can have it”
26. This heartbreaking scene as Ben says goodbye to Lexi before doing his planned midday flit with Phil to Portugal... I still struggle to watch this scene without crying, I know I’m a baby ok don’t @ me 😭🤣
27. Changing his mind about going THANK YOU WALLET... we have the dizzy market reunion kiss 😍

Lexis exited “Daddy” interrupting the moment, cue the incredibly cute Ben&Lexi hug 🥺 oh&yeah not forgetting Callums face, he may be a little bit overcome, I’m not crying, you are 😭
28. Lexis unwell (just for a change) and Kathy drops her off with Ben who is frantically trying to come up with the money for Callum

After listening to Bens phone call about a loan cue Lexi “Daddy if you need money I can get some out of my piggy bank for you” 😭
29. Ben adjusting (or not really) to his new level of deafness Lexi clocks him being sad & is the first person to sign to Ben “don’t be sad” 😭

Lexi has another day off school (does she ever go) in the mean time Lexi inadvertently gets knocked over by a car whilst in Bens care😩
30. No Ben, but I have to put this here, we stan queen Lexi...

Kathy having rung Ben with Lexis response being...

“Of course he wouldn’t have heard the phone, he can’t hear anything”
“the doctor told him he might never hear again”
“What” she really is a Bens daughter 🤣
31. This cute little morning scene with Callum his normal far too cheery self... Ben still suffering but still giving us this cute little moment with Lexi, before announcing he’s going back to bed 😭
32. Cute family time, with a miserable Ben, but let’s appreciate Lexi cuddling the cute pink unicorn Ben got her for Xmas and the way she leaps onto Callum, even if she does jump onto his ribs 🥺 Lexi being as observant as ever putting the subtitles on for Ben, LOVE HER 😭
33. Ngl I loved this first little scene of Bens pov episode, Lexi yelling at Ben to put his hearing aid in and as always adapting to Bens desfness and signing to him to ask if he wants toast. It highlights that Ben is clearly learning to sign with her and it warms my heart 🥺
34. This beautiful scene, 1st of all Lexi getting Ben to beg for his toast LOVE IT, their exchange when Ben nearly steps out in front of a van honestly made me tear up...

“Don’t die daddy, I need you, even if your ears don’t work” with the adorable ear scrunch, my heart hurts 😩
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