I'm convinced Bolton is a red herring and part of the Q plan. It distracted them during impeachment. It's distracting them now. What's really happening behind the scenes I wonder. Bolton was given a deal for his cooperation. It just makes sense.
What was Bolton doing in Qatar on Jan 15th? https://twitter.com/hayabntalwaleed/status/1217463467889844224?s=20
Assume Bolton is good. Say Qatar was freed when Soleimani got bombed, ISIS destroyed, al-Bagdadi killed.. Evil plan to seed USA with CV19... Bolton muddled Impeachment with curveball allegations leaked... Here's my theory...
Bolton delivered something to Qatar.

CCP using CV19 not only to take out Trump but also his unlikely ally Xi!

Qatar delivered it secretly to Xi.

Shortly after that drop we get THIS https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-52195034
So Qatar somehow saved Xi from a political CV backlash.

Only 86 deaths in Qatar!

I don't know where I'm going with this but there's more dots to connect.

It's likely that Trump also gave this cure to the USA but blue states refused hence their higher numbers and POLICY TO SPIKE DEATHS IN NURSING HOMES
Why didn't Florida, nursing home land, get hit the worst? Major travel hub?

Really bakes your noodle!
I'll end here for now. Please retweet so more autists can help make more connections here. I swear I'm not crazy.

#WWG1WGA #THEGreatawakening #QAnon

Top of thread https://twitter.com/DrivelCivil/status/1273856166288748544?s=20
Ps. Remember when Q dropped this epic pic?

Note the BOLT(EN)
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