My brother from TX told me he knew #GeorgeFloyd. Used to watch him play football in high school. Mentioned that he served 5 years in jail on trumped up charges from a dirty cop. This cop was investigated last year because he was injured during a raid on a home... 1/
He lied on the warrant app & intended to plant drugs in the home. The drugs were waiting in his patrol car as he kicked in the door of the home where a man & woman lived. A deadly shootout ensued killing the 2 residents & critically injuring both officers on the scene. 2/
The officer who applied for the warrant was shot in the neck & rushed to the hospital. A fellow officer had to retrieve the patrol car left at the scene. This is where it gets good.
Apparently, the officer found drugs in the patrol car. These drugs were intended to be .... 3/
planted in the home as evidence of a crime but, because of the shootout & injury to the cop, the drugs were never planted, nor should they have already been in the patrol car. That's when they decided to investigate. Turns out, there were multiple complaints against... 4/
this officer. Complaints that he planted drugs. But those complaints fell on deaf ears. They ended up throwing out 2000 (TWO THOUSAND) of his cases because he was a dirty cop.
Guess who served 5 years in jail because this same dirty cop planted drugs on him? #GeorgeFloyd ...5/
The TX DA wrote an apology letter to Mr. Floyd because he was robbed of 5 years of freedom. Only later to be murder by a different dirty cop in a different city & state.

I wonder why, after all the digging, media never reported this?

Seems VERY relevant to the protests... 6/
The problem with police (besides the obvious) is the lack of accountability. Even now, during these protests against abuse of power, police are abusing their power while playing victim because the call for #DefundPolice rings louder each day.

When we say #DefundPolice we mean it
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