The 2020 election results will surely include some level of mischief, both real and imagined, in both directions. We can predict this with 100% certainty, but the degree is unknown.
In prior elections, we could jabber about the alleged election rigging for years, but we still grudgingly accepted the outcome. Those days are over.
If Trump wins, there will be a second coup attempt, similar to 2016 and the failed Russian Collusion coup. But this time more energetic and coming from every direction.
What changed is the level of brainwashing (literally) of the political left. They believe they have independently decided Trump is a monster who must be slayed. They don’t know their news sources became propaganda outlets several years ago. They are programmed.
And they are specifically programmed for a coup. You have seen the practice runs.
Normally, a government can use force to put down a coup. But the BLM protests have taken force off the table. Now we watch cities burn, believing the alternatives to be worse.
But the street won’t be the only problem. We will see fake news go to new levels of ridiculousness. (See any John Bolton allegation this week.) Brainwashed Democrats will buy every bit of it.
The thing that definitely won’t determine the next president is votes. Brainwashing will drive voting preferences, and citizens won’t believe the election was fair no matter the outcome. They have been programmed to reject any result that goes against them.
We’ve evolved from a Republic to some kind of permanent psychological warfare against each other. Persuasion has always been part of elections, of course, but our persuasion “technology” has recently gone weapons grade. Both sides do it, but the right persuades for stability.
You might think the polls say Biden will win by such a large margin that any election mischief will be lost in the rounding. But in an age where being a Trump supporter ends your career, how many Republicans are telling the truth to pollsters who knows their identity, or could?
I put Trump’s odds of winning the election at 100% (unless something big changes) with a 50% chance of a successful coup.
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