horrific gutting of Arts & Social Sciences. just last yr I co-authored a report commissioned for the Australian Office of National Intelligence (ONI) - on behalf of the National Intelligence Community (NIC) - to examine HASS sig for 🇦🇺 national intelligence sector 👇🏻
“Intelligence analysis must consider the social sciences - economic, political, societal & cultural forces - & the human behaviours & motivations that underpin them...social science research provides is an essential...complement to an intelligence analyst’s intuition & training”
HASS is crucial for NIC in the areas of: 1. The new human-machine ecosystem & implications for social science & NIC research 2. Emerging ethical & legal challenges posed by new technologies 3. The impact working with automated systems has on human judgment & ways to
any potential cognitive risks 4. Social network & narrative analysis 5. Sensemaking across sectors including social identity, group factors, emotions,
human intelligence, open-source analysis 6. Show how valuable the work of the HASS community is to the Five Eyes community.
HASS can provide an improved understanding of emerging trends in social networks & systems, cyber security threats, impact of messaging, “social science will be vital to ensuring the NIC has a comp understanding of human & social behaviour in order to identify & assess threats”
further areas:
AI might be a STEM product but grasping the impact & future security implications of new tech will require HASS. your own NIC believes so @DanTehanWannon here’s the whole report: https://socialsciences.org.au/media/2019/09/Social-Science-Research-Intelligence-in-Australia-ASSA-Final-Report-2019.pdf
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