I suggest whatever your politics you read this thread 1/ https://twitter.com/_EuroACE/status/1273604846948691968?s=20
Emerging Markets and #BIR investment are the biggest risk with #climatechange read report
3/ Worthy report but flawed https://twitter.com/EJ_Aus/status/1273768266977046528?s=20
4/ @JohnQuiggin @RDNS_TAI where's the rest of the report? Coal bashing woopie great but we need a deep transition and certainly not to gas!
5/ Read this thread and think about your biggest problem you don't mention?

#embodiedcarbon ! https://twitter.com/_EuroACE/status/1273604843836489730?s=20
6/ END You won't fix anything beyond the utilities sector! So where are the rest of our emissions the 60%+ remaining? Stop the #greenwashing and consider the problem more seriously please our Carbon Budget shrinks as we fumble the bigger issues!
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