3) Trudeau was hoping for a "reset" on relations with Africa, the PM acknowledged the security council vote was but “one” reason for the journey. Resets never work-ask Hillary. 🙄
4) Africa though, wasn't having any of it.  Musabende said Trudeau attending the African Union session was a great place to start. She warned that many African states are looking at Canada with suspicion, because Canada is only showing up now, when it needs something from them.
5) “It comes quite late for a prime minister, who when he came to power said that Canada was back on the world's stage," said Musabende. "What world
stage did he mean if it did not include Africa? Why did he wait for his first four years in power to not even do anything?"
7) Hasn’t Trudeau been vociferously donating Canadian tax dollars to initiatives that are supposed to assist Africa? If they haven’t received the assistance, then who has been?
9) On June 16, the coward of the cottage was on a lengthy call with the leader from Ethopia.  Trying to secure those last minute votes, even though he denies that was the reason for the call.
12) They listed the amount spent as “more then 2.3 million.” In just the last donation only, made to Fiji, the number was triple that in one transaction! We may never know the actual dollar amount of tax payer funds wasted.
13) Let’s take a look at that last “transaction”
On June 13/20 it was announced “Canada had partnered up with the Rocky Mountain Institute based out of Colorado to assist FIJI with 10 million dollars to support “Climate Finance for the Pacific.” https://www.fiji.gov.fj/Media-Centre/News/CANADA%E2%80%99S-PRIME-MINISTER-RT-HON-JUSTIN-TRUDEAU-ANNO
15) Who else has partnered with the Rocky Mountain Institute? The usual suspects. An “Alliance Partner” donates 1 million or more/year. https://rmi.org/about/financialsannuals-reports/
16) Who’s on the Board of Directors? There’s quite the cast including staff from thr foundations or companies of Tom Steyer, Sir Richard Branson, many from the World Bank sphere and more.
17) Now, onto other donor’s for this “noble” cause. I’ve highlighted the ones of interest.
Rockefeller’s, Clinton Foundation, Open Society, Bloomberg....
18) In 2019, the Government of Canada only donated a paltry $10,000.00. What changed on June 13, 2020 to make PMJT so generous? Remember all the June 13 comms? Signal more money was needed to pay protestors?
19) Here’s another interesting site I found that tracks the Goverment of Canada’s foreign donations. They have up until the end of 2019.
20) According to these stats, we can see exactly where Canada’s tax dollars flowed to. Interesting-Bangladesh received the most.
Canada’s Foreign Aid Donations http://cidpnsi.ca/canadas-foreign-aid-2012-2/
21) Bangladesh Taka=Bangladesh Currency. In some early drops from Q, we discovered Bangladesh was a Black-Op clown site. Are we starting to see the big picture? Canada’s tax dollars have been funding Black Ops through Bangladesh for a long time. No wonder Africa is angry!
22) Think U1...
23) Think Uranium 1...Bangladesh=BDT Rothschild controlled bank. The washing machine! Hard earned Canadian Tax Dollars funding Black Ops.
Welcome to the DS!
24) What else happened since Trudeau’s election? President Trump. America not for sale anymore.
Nothing can stop what is coming!
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