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On both sides of the Atlantic, an effective Right Wing coup has taken place.

Against expectations - and with probable criminal activity in both, Leave won the referendum in the UK and Trump became president in the USA.
Many have wondered how such similar events could have occurred at the same time.

What drove the sudden swing to the Right Wing?

Well, sometimes the simplest explanation is the most likely - and also the most ignored.

And we haven't really swung to the "right wing"
In the USA, most of the Republican party is aghast at the insane and relentless tweets, proclamations and inflammatory speeches of Trump.

The criminal charges he faces and simply ignores are astounding.

They feel all their reputation being washed away
Know one believed early on that he could possibly survive this.

He HAD to fall - the misogyny, tax receipts, clear racism

No way could he defeat them.

And he didn't - he just ignored them.

Trump has not been exonerated of anything

He has been impeached for heavens sake!
In the UK, Johnson is the same.

Coming to office with a pregnant mistress, disappearing off on holiday, proroguing Parliament for no reason, withholding reports.

He has endless scandals and murky deals - any one of which should remove him and his cabinet from office
The Conservative MP's who looked on in horror have gone.

And so he avoids all consequences - by ignoring all

The people who remain are not conservatives - they do not hold right wing values.

They can't claim to as they won't hold people to account.
Same result in both places - chaos

Not right wing politics - self destructive insanity.

And then there is the mechanism.

In both countries both leaders make mad speeches daily and the news is filled relentlessly with bad or "what the hell?" items.

What does this making us drown in this nonsense achieve?

It inures us to it - it stops us being shocked and outraged.

Whatever depravity either man comes up with, we expect it.

The expectation that they will be held to account drains away.
And in the UK, President Xi called Johnson PERSONALLY.

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, stated on TV that Johnson knew in January.

That he couldn't believe they were sitting at cabinet and "no one was talking about the biggest threat heading our way"
So - the clear and obvious answer?

The two men are reading from the same script.

Their actions - and inaction - are near identical.

Who they blame - the same people.

And even their soundbites and speeches
We have been played.

No one is even pretending that Brexit will be a success anymore.

We are going to "crash out" because Gove says so.

Despite it being the opposite of everything he said before.
Despite Parliament being bypassed
Because we have been battered down by a common strategy - as was outlined in the FT article further up.

Not right wing - because it is enormous SELF harm.

And America is the same.

Because the same playbook is being used against us both.
So - why do this?

To understand, you have to know about this
Market fundamentalists don't see people as people

They see them as net profit generators.

This is the irony of the Black Lives Matter and the "Right Wing" All Lives Matter.

The first is for equality, the second is a tool to make it a human argument.
Because for Market Fundamentalists, only financially productive lives - to them - matter.

When you view an entire nation as productive/non productive units - and not humans - you have become utterly detached from the world.

The top of the tree - a money tree in this case.
People this rich are so removed from the rest that they may as well live in space - like the movie "Elysium"

If you are not a Sci Fi geek, here is the Wiki page.

A few of the richest people on the planet pursue space.
This is not going to happen in their lifetimes of course.

But these people have real power over sovereign states.

The disparity of money is now greater than the CEO and the workers.

In many cases it is the CEO's richer than entire countries.
People this rich fund the political campaigns of the politicians they want in power.

People this rich make sure their people are in the ear of the people - it was always so.

Lobby groups.

But the checks and balances of the democratic systems meant not controlling them.
If those limiting factors were not there, democracy would cease and a country would become a commercial venture

We are past that now - the safeguards are bypassed

The agents of the money are now in the machine.

And they are adding more.
Cummings is NOT the mastermind, he is the agent.

Making sure the product paid for makes the moves wanted.

A baby sitter in a way. Or a handler if you prefer
And active power is taken from elected and accountable MP's to someone we have no say over.

Nor how he is paid for that matter
So now we have a 'government' in place,

With unelecteted SPADS controlling decisions and awarding contracts (without due process),

That has effectively closed down Parliament

NOT convened the Intelligence and Security Committee

Stopped the Petitions committee
Pushed through laws on the basis of emergency powers

Stated it will not seek a Brexit transition extension (even though it is glaringly obvious it is needed)

Failed to deliver anything it said it would - PPE, no borders, deal with EU, track & trace
A government that looks to everyone utterly inept.

Shredding all respect on the international stage,

Begging for a trade deal with the USA

Certainly not a glowing legacy of success.

So what IS the benefit for these politicians?

What do they get out of this?
I have held off this addition, because in some ways it is the scariest.

Politicians I disagree with - but count as honourable - have walked away.

Those that remain have no values they hold true to - no morals.
They are 'led' by a man who wrote 2 speeches to decide which fitted his personal ambition best before the referendum.

They are willingly made to look fools and tell easily overturned lies.

They have no self respect or integrity.

In real time we see ministers debase themselves.
Dominic Raab and Matt Hancock are NOT stupid.

So the inanities they spout must have purpose - just not for the public good.

Their payout must be personal.

And again - it comes to money.

The constituency boundaries will be re-drawn.

It will make seats more secure.
Even if they do not have the capital for hedge funds - they will gain seats in a false representation.

That will be paid for many years by taxpayers.

So they are rewarded.

Not by representing their constituents - just milking them.

Has anyone has an alternative?
I have lived long enough to see politicians stand against party - to decry that party as betraying their constituents.

I do not se any of that from those in power now.

And if they are not there for the honour?

Then they must be there for the shilling.

That is their benefit.
They have reconciled themselves that they are not going to have a legacy.

They are not going to deliver a "bright new future" for all.

The words say they will - their actions speak the truth.

They are a vehicle to deliver on the vehicle that was Brexit.
A massively rich body - probably a group, collaborating with a nation that is not the UK - has neutered Britain's power and influence.

Its purpose was to weaken and destabilise the EU.

And make no mistake, the EU is weakened by the loss of the UK.

Not just our money either
Our legal, scientific and climate knowledge - as well as diplomacy - has been a real boon.

Which is why it is being systematically destroyed in the eyes of the world now.

Also why we see so many trade deals with the EU coming through - Japan & Vietnam for instance
The main resources of the world are in the Arctic, in South America and in Russia and China.

Those with money do not want the South Americas aligned with the EU - environmental controls, standards and human rights would have to be observed.

That costs, and reduces profit
It also limits the control of the money men.

And this is the big driver - control of the resources.

Which is why the next big vehicle will be "Clexit" - a push to row back on environment agreements and actions.
The Russian arm wants this - their money is based on oil, coal and gas resources.

Obviously, continuing with fossil fuels will have catastrophic effects - islands will be lost and coastal areas destroyed.

Which is why it is important to remember Market Fundamentalism
Because in that thinking, it is simply the loss of low or negative profit providers.

And the money men don't care - they already have their safe places and bunker to go to.

New Zealand recently stopped the rich buying land and building these there.
In the new World order, the UK is simply an outpost of the USA.

Parliament is simply an office to tick a box to agree with the Market Fundamentalists running the USA cartel.

The UK ceases to be the balance between the EU and USA and becomes the border instead.
The politicians in the UK implementing Brexit have accepted this will happen and they will not be personally affected.

Their purpose now is to ensure the break with the EU, neuter Parliament from opposition, and to maintain a strangle hold on it for themselves by gerrymandering
In both the USA and the UK, any alternative to the chaotic and useless governments will be seen as better by the populace.

Elections will still take place in the years to come, but will be as meaningful as the Chinese and Russian elections.
It all sounds "Illuminati" doesn't it.

Like a massive conspiracy theory - which is how it is dismissed by those implementing it and their supporters.

But in fact any system where there are only 2 players will go this way if integrity is lost.
And in the age of Mega money, it is not going to a "party"

When this has happened in the past, the narcissist at the top has been toppled.

The people controlling this game are purposely not visible

Anyone reading this thread hoping I will point to the mastermind?
Sorry, you are going to be disappointed.

If you can see them, its not them.

Some people - like @carolecadwalla - have got close.

You can tell by the huge efforts put in to destroying her.

But Cambridge Analytica, SCL, Arron Banks etc are the tools used to deliver.
Think of Banks as a share holding middle manager.

Matthew Elliot is likely further up the chain.

But there is no single person at the top.

This is a super cartel.

I know this is all depressing - but their actions do mean we also see the weakness in their plans
And why SO much effort has been made in the psychological warfare against our joint populations,

Keeping us off balance and distracted is so that we don't stop them.

Which means they believe we can.

And I have some thoughts on how.
Before I give them, I need some answers
And particularly, if this piece of disaster capitalism planning is legal @fascinatorfun @LPrivileged @davidallengreen @JolyonMaugham
This is also encouraging in terms of the government being illegitimate
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