Let's have a chat on racism. Seems to be the topic du jour.
I think if you were a supporter of President Trump from the beginning you knew in the back of your mind that racism would be, if not the central theme, close to the central theme of the 2020 election.
What the left has..
done is woven a complex narrative of "got yas" right from the beginning with Charlottesville being the true kick off point. But what they don't tell you is the true cause of what's going on. The left has built a wall. A wall between the black and white...
community for decades. They have done it through token hand outs, pushing poorer and poorer education on the black communities and non stop glorification of abortion.
As those truths and the systemic damage they have caused becomes more apparent..they need a way out..a scapegoat.
So enter the narrative. It's not the things above that has caused this. It's "systemic racism". It's president Trump. It's Trump supporters. And it even goes as far as if you point out the causes listed above..well your a racist. So what they think they have done is trapped us...
No no no wrong. Everyone take a breath. Don't ever let them trap you. They are disgusting vile people if they would do that. Just keep hammering the truth. Hard truth. The message is getting through. Trust me. We must exhibit love...but never at the cost of truth.
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