the fact that so many people take p**** g*** seriously rlly concerns me,, why don’t u look at shit that’s actually proven and documented. not to mention the conspiracy has been disproven years ago and is ridden with misinformation
also the codes used could mean something else’s like idk classified government info
tw// gore

?? idek what to put for this. but these kinds of info are beyond harmful and untrue. they have zero facts backing them up. i’m only posting this as an example of what not to believe. 
the court appeal in question has a transcript and none of these fake topics were discussed
don’t look in the hashtag or corresponding hashtags. there’s nothing to see except for conspiracy bs and highly disturbing (and fake) content.
also many people say to watch out fo the shadows, it’s a hard to follow doc with loose facts. i’ve watched it. it’s not worth ur time. it’s alt-right bs.
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