So we have another thread- this one in collab w/ other Black-led immigrant orgs. There are a couple of things that we want to highlight #BlackDACA #BlackLivesMatter
This victory would not have happened without the work & sacrifice of Black + brown undocumented youth organizers. Without institutional support, they put their lives on the line, risking arrest + deportation to show the urgent need for action.
They were not demanding action just for themselves, but for all their loved ones, those that were in the U.S. at the time + those that are fleeing horrific conditions around the globe. The goal is freedom to move and freedom to thrive. We won’t settle for anything less.
While #SCOTUS did the right thing today, courts across the country fail Black people, including Black migrants + Black trans migrants + Black queer migrants, every single day.
While we had 2 victories this week in #DACA & #TitleVII, #SCOTUS failed to act on #qualifiedimmunity this week. #SCOTUS invented qualified immunity, a huge barrier to holding law enforcement accountability for their brutality.
The uprisings in #Minneapolis and across the country are led by Black women, by Black trans & queer people, & by Black trans + queer migrants who know how the criminal legal system & the courts fail us every day. That is why our collective demand is to #DefundThePolice.
While the #DACA program is meant to protect some migrants from deportation, Black migrants who are targeted by the criminal legal system + police for being Black know that this promise of protection fails us.
Our State of Black Immigrants research shows that Black migrants are disproportionately targeted relative to other migrants in detention and deportations.
Black migrants are killed by police. #AlfredOlango was killed by #ElCajon police in 2016. Others include: #JusticeForYassin #JusticeForIsak Momodou Lamin Sisay and many others.
The work to #DefundThePolice + #AbolishICE is held by Black led organizations, including @BlackVisionsMN, @mnbictweets@Mvmnt4BlkLives, @BAJItweet, @OfficialBLMP, @UndocuBlack, Haitian Bridge Alliance, @AfricansUS & many others.
We deserve more than protection from deportation. We deserve a world where no one is forced to give up their homeland, where all Black people are free + liberated. That liberation comes from ending the systems that harm and kill us & from us building and strengthening community.
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